How It Works

Candidio, your professional video production platform. Try it for free!

Around here, we believe video is among the best ways to make real connections with any audience on the web. While some people believe video production needs to be difficult (it doesn’t!), we designed Candidio to make it easy for anybody to start producing their own videos.

Using Candidio is simple:

1. Create a Candidio account.

Take a look at our pricing options and sign up for the plan that best fits your needs. Once you have your Candidio account, you’ll get access to an intuitive dashboard that lets you keep track of your content and productions.

2. Make a plan.

Use our simple production brief to create an easy-to-follow plan before you set out to record your content. Answer a few simple questions about your message, your audience, and the desired effect of your video to get a clear vision in mind for the whole production process.

3. Shoot your video.

Grab the closest HD video camera you can find – even your cell phone – and record some content to help convey the message you want to share with your video. Maybe that’s just a simple interview, or even a tour of your facilities. Afterwards, be sure to grab some good B-roll to keep viewers interested.

4. Upload your content.

Add all of your content to your production using our simple drag and drop uploader. It’s just like attaching files to an email.

5. Take a break!

After we receive your content and notes, our team of video experts will get right to work editing everything together. In the meantime, you can relax for a few days until your video is finished and ready to upload to your favorite video hosting site.

6. Spread your message.

Once you get your video, it’s yours to share. Put your video on YouTube. Share it on Facebook and Twitter. Send it out in an email newsletter. Get your message in front of the right audience and watch what happens when real, simple video makes a lasting impression.

It couldn’t be easier. Sign up for a free trial of Candidio today.