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How to Remove Ads From Your Youtube Videos

** Update: YouTube only lets you disable ads on videos that have been monetize**

Ads displaying on your videos can not only become an annoyance, but they can also take the focus off your video. “Is there a way to prevent ads from showing up on my YouTube videos?” you might ask. Yes, there is a way to eliminate ads for the videos to which you own all the rights.

Here are the simple steps you’ll need to take to do just that.


First, sign in to your YouTube channel. Next you’ll want to click the “video manager” button on the drop down on the top right.

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Next you’ll want to click “edit” on the video you want to stop displaying ads on.

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From there click the “monetization”  button.

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Finally, you’ll want to uncheck the “monetize with ads” box.


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This little trick helps to stop displaying ads on any videos that are monetized.  Of course, if you’re looking for great content to post to YouTube, we can help you with the editing process.

Written by Michelle Downs

As Director of Content & Community, Michelle not only manages social media, but she can also wrangle creative content into a fully formed online marketing strategy.   When she isn't molding social media into shape or shooting and editing behind the scenes videos for 12 Stars Media , she’s often bending the space-time continuum. Her research of time travel consists primarily of analyzing Doctor Who episodes and studying the proper way to fend off Daleks. She plans to revisit time travel last Wednesday (pun absolutely intended because she’s a sucker for a good pun).   When she isn't trying to hurtle through time, she’s fond of passing the time by watching movies, baking cupcakes, or by capturing a moment with her camera.
  • dantino12

    To remove ads from YouTube you can use Adblock Plus! I wrote a blog post about how to get it, if anyone wants to check it out:

  • Dale Marcum

    this of course only applies to “your” videos….not any videos. it also does not address the fact of new updates of Youtube could make your efforts worthless…ads are there….. so do what I do….hit the mute and wait till they are finished. Then watch your choice without the uninvited hitchhiker…

    • rockywalls

      Thanks for those clarifications Dale. It’s true that it only applies to your videos, but for a lot of people that’s their main concern.

  • savebritian


    • rockywalls

      Have you waited a few days and checked back to ensure you give YouTube time to update?

  • My Style Purses

    Clicked the “Do not allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos button” and the fine print says: “Ads will only be displayed for videos where you own all the rights. Choosing this option will disable any monetization options that have been set for your video.” Ads are still displaying over the bottom portion of my video and they are blocking content viewers are there to see. Video link: Now what do I do? Thanks!

    • zorro24

      This was happening to me and it was very frustrating as to why sometimes the ads like the one you have showed in your example were popping up on some of my videos. Well I finally worked it out. Youtube scan your video for matching 3rd party content. Even though I used a royalty free track for one of my videos, the owner of that track has placed monetized features to it. So when uploaded to youtube they have matched the content and therefore even though I have disabled advertisements,
      as I don’t own the track and the owner has placed this feature on it, the pop ads will keep appearing. To fix it you have to change the music track.

      Hope this helped.

      • My Style Purses

        Thanks! It was the music. I went back to the program I used to make the video and in their fine print, they had a section I copied and placed in a dispute stating their software paid for the rights to the music and as such, I was authorized to use it. Within about 15 minutes, the ads were removed.

  • Luis

    Hi Michelle – Great tip! In my case, I own all my videos as they are produced in-house. The issue? When my videos finish playing, Youtube will “tag” the next related videos that have no relation to what I do (caricatures, songs, etc) in sets of 4 blocks within the frame.

    To see video visit

    How do we remove or prevent these from popping up?

    Luis (

  • Dennis Dominic

    There was no “overview” option.

  • Trey Gilland

    Ive managed to block the videos that are INSIDE the videos,but do you know a way to block the ones outside the video?(theres a name for them but idk what it is).those advertisements are causing all the videos to lag dreadfully when they constantly flash and change to where I just want to give up trying to watch them.

  • Ruth Ann Barrett

    There is no monetization option on the video manager page just basic information and advanced settings.

    • MichelleADowns

      Hi Ruth Ann,
      that’s odd. Do you know if your videos are even eligible for monetization?

      • Ruth Ann Barrett

        I don’t want them monatized at all either by me or anyone else. I went in and made some more changes, so hopefully I can elimate advertising from my uploads. Thanks for your help, Michelle. Ruth Ann

        • MichelleADowns

          You’re welcome. Hope it works!

    • Nishant Nawarkhede

      Hi Ruth Ann Barrett , You have to manually enable monetization for your account first. Only after enabling it for your account you will able to see monetization option on the video manager page. Here link for it

  • Ivanah Gutierrez

    I dont’ get it! Why remove ads from your videos? Don’t you want to earn profit/passive income from your videos? I thought that’s the reason why most people are creating their own videos and channels on youtube!